Single injector Gi 25-22 B E5


Single injector Gi 25-20 B E5: Holes (12) / Cap (Orange) / Size (Small) / Connector (Amp / Bosch)

Single injector Gi 25-20 B E5 has been designed for the gas flow rate.

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Single injector Gi 25-22 B E5 (237127000): Holes (12) / Cap (Orange) / Size (Small) / Connector (Amp / Bosch).

Single injector Gi 25-22 B E5 was created for the gas flow rate, these are identified by the color of the cap. It has the task of dosing the gas, which passing through a connection, and through an intake manifold, finally reaches the engine. The injector is for cars with LPG system up to 75 KW. Standard EURO 4 connector type BOSCH

These injectors are considered replaceable to greens going from 6 to 12 holes.

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