Hana H2001 injector


Hana H2001 A-Type / B-Type / C-Type injectors

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Hana injectors hold many merits such as low noise, heat resistance and constant performance over the long period. In fact, the injector offers an average life span of approximately 500 million cycles.

Data sheet:

Power supply: DC 12V
Resistance (Ω): 3Ω / 1.9Ω
Max pressure: 3Ω → 3.0 bar / 1.9Ω → 4.0 bar
Working pressure: 1.2 bar
Flow rate L / min: A-Type → 115
Flow rate L / min: B-Type → 90
Flow rate L / min: C-Type → 752
Opening time 3Ω: A-Type 2.80 ms
Opening time 3Ω: B-Type 2.70 ms
Opening time 3Ω: C-Type 2.60 ms
Opening Time 1.90Ω: A-Typ. 36 ms
Opening Time 1.90Ω: B-Type 2.24 ms
Opening Time 1.90Ω: C-Type 2.00 ms
Closing time A, B, C: 1.20 ms
Engine type: 4, 6, 8 Cylinder Vehicle
Gas type: LPG / CNG / LNG

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