LPG Vaporizer SE81


The LPG vaporizer if 81 is equipped with two LPG reduction stages. There are several versions of this type, the LPG reducer if 81 and suitable for vehicles up to 100 kw.

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LPG vaporizer SE81 (536001000) is an electronically controlled device that reduces the pressure of the LPG and vaporizes it, allowing a regular flow of gas at each engine request.

Equipped with two stages of LPG reduction which allow it to be established at both high and low pressures. The passage of LPG from the liquid to the gas phase occurs by pressure drop and by absorption of heat taken from elements of the reducer, heated with the liquid of the engine cooling circuit.

The gas flow necessary for the idling of the positive pressure engine from the first stage and activated through a gas duct separated from the main flow.

It includes an electronic start device with a built-in safety system which intervenes by closing the gas solenoid valves in the event of accidental engine shutdown.

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