LPG reducer RPG 09


LPG pressure reducer RPG 09 Autogas Italia. The reducer vaporizes the LPG allowing a gas flow suitable for the various engine speeds.
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The RPG 09 LPG reducer is characterized by technical innovations that guarantee excellent operation, reliability and ease of installation. It is compensated by means of the pressure generated by the intake manifold. No adjustment of the operating pressure is necessary and it is equipped with a filter.

Approval: ECE R 67-01

It is possible to choose between:
RPG 09 110 KW gearbox (Part number: 400027054)
140 KW RPG 09 gearbox (Part number: 400027056)
Data sheet:

Single stage electronic LPG reducer with electronic control.
Delivery pressure 1.0 bar.
Incorporated LPG solenoid valve.
Large filter element.
Small size and compact shape.

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